NORTHWEST AEA Literacy Cons/Reading Recovery TL in SIOUX CITY, Iowa

Assist local school administrators and teachers in the development, improvement, and/or implementation of curriculum areas, instructional methods, and materials suited to the needs of students in literacy.Essential Functions:iProvide curricular and instructional support to schools in the area of literacy and Reading Recovery.iProvide professional development and networking opportunities for literacy and Reading Recovery teachers.iProvide guidance and technical assistance in assessment and analyzing student data.iBuild relationships and create networks with school district personnel.Duties & Responsibilities:iProvide content training and technical assistance for classroom and Reading Recovery teachers to improve instruction, based on student and teacher need.iAssist teachers in the development of experiences and materials to stimulate student activity and provide for individual differences, especially for the subgroups of IEP, low SES, EL, TAG, and minority students.iMaintain knowledge of and provide support and technical assistance in the implementation of applicable Iowa Department of Education standards, best practices, resources, research, and trends in the areas of literacy and Reading Recovery.iDevelop publications and information sources to provide timely, accurate information to school staff concerning trends in the areas of literacy and Reading Recovery.iProvide training and support to new Reading Recovery teachers.iAdhere to the Standards and Guidelines of Reading Recovery in the United States.iAdvise individuals and committees in the selection of textbooks, computer software, assessment materials, teaching aids, and professional development.iProvide technical assistance to schools in the development, planning and implementation of district-wide professional development to support school improvementiMaintain liaison with colleges, universities, and other supporting agencies.iProvide curriculum resource consultations for the local schools and the NWAEA professional library.iServe on AEA and other committees dealing with the areas of literacy and Reading Recovery support.iAssist with local school and AEA accreditation.iComplete other duties as assigned.Qualifications:iCurrent Iowa Teaching license or equivalentiMasteris degree in education or related areaiCertification as Teacher Leader in Reading RecoveryiiEndorsement in Reading preferrediFour years of successful teaching in Reading Recovery preferrediTraining as a CIM coach or teacher preferred