CF Industries is a global leader in transforming natural gas into nitrogen. The chemical processes we use ensure we have the nitrogen we need to support life on earth - from fertilizer that feeds the crops that feed the world to products that remove harmful emissions from industrial activities. Through our nine world-class manufacturing complexes and best-in-class distribution system, we serve agricultural and industrial customers. We invite you to be a part of our nearly 3,000 employees making a difference every day.Department:AH21BC EngineeringFunction:Engineering and Engineering ServicesJob Summary:The Engineering Manager provides administration and coordination of all project, process, and plant engineering activities within the Complex to ensure safe and reliable operations of equipment within the fiscal budgets. The manager has oversight of the team that assures compliance with applicable codes and standards, including sustaining a world class mechanical integrity program covering and overseeing repairs to fixed assets at the Complex. The successful candidate will possess excellent leadership and communication skills and foster healthy and collaborative relationships with other the Managers of other departments. Additionally, this position will network with other Engineering Managers throughout CF Industries to share best practices and assure reliable and technically competent execution of project, process, and plant engineering work across the Complex.Job Description:Job Responsibilities:1. Ensure awareness of and compliance with corporate and facility EHS policies and standards throughout their department. Additionally, promote timely follow-up to action items from both internal and external investigations and audits.2. Actively support and participate in established corporate and facility-based Environment, Health, and Safety initiatives, and assist in the proposal and development of new initiatives as required.3. Support and enhance facility incident reduction initiatives through personal engagement and promoting individual accountability for safety performance within the Engineering Department and across the broader organization.4. Provide direction and coordination of engineering staff resources to ensure the fulfillment of departmental goals, including definition of major areas of responsibility, training and development requirements, performance management, and corporate reporting requirements.5. Maintain a high ethical and professional standard to ensure a competent staff of technical and administrative personnel capable of achieving present and future objectives.6. Facilitate developmental opportunities for department employees and assist in the process of identifying and developing high potential individuals across the site.7. Actively mentor and provide guidance to appropriate personnel to assist in development of future supervisory and management candidates for operations, maintenance and engineering departments.8. Assist in the manpower planning process and the recruitment of required manpower resources for the Engineering Department and key roles that interface with the Engineering Department on a regular basis.9. Prepare and administer annual department operating budget and actively participate in the facility budgeting process.10. Manage the site capital budget process, including leading process for budget item identification and prioritization, project justification, project scope development and submission for approval, and regular reporting of capital projects.11. Ensure the planning, organizing, and execution of the engineering and construction work necessary for capital projects. This includes technology assessment, detail engineering scope development, equipment specification development, vendor selection, construction/installation management and quality control/assurance, commissioning activities, and post-startup evaluation of benefits.12. Develop and maintain procedures and standard process