Iowa Employer Crop Production Specialist in POCAHONTAS, Iowa

The position of a Crop Production Specialist is of great significance to Pro Cooperative. A person in this position is responsible to recommend and sell crop nutrients and crop protection products, seed, and services while maintaining customer relationships in a manner that will optimize ProCooperativeis market share and profits, improve Pro Cooperativeis efficiency, help achieve ProCooperativeis mission and goals, and result in outstanding customer service.II.Job Summary:These are the basic requirements of the position and must be performed competently. Basic requirements include, but are not limited to the following:iMake sound recommendations to customers by presenting Agronomy solutions, products, services, and/or concepts in order to maximize returns for the customers.iDevelop and maintain a current list of customers and prospects and rate them based on potential size of operation, credit worthiness, and other pertinent marketing information.iPrioritize prospects and partial customers to identify the best opportunities for growth.iMake regular sales calls on current and potential customers and respond to customeris inquiries and questions in a timely manner.iDevelop and maintain effective business relations with current and potential future customers.iDocument and submit sales call information to direct supervisor using Pro Cooperativeis CRM program.iProvide a consistent communication channel between Pro Cooperative customers and location personnel in order to set proper service expectation levels, resolve problems and scheduling issues.iAdvise customers on the proper use of products and equipment.iCollaborate with other departments and/or locations to identify potential benefits to the customer from other company programs iEstablish and attain sales goals that are compatible with Pro Cooperative annual goals.iWork with customers, suppliers, and management to resolve product/service complaints fairly and equitably.iMaintain the image of Pro Cooperative. Inform all company personnel of the importance of portraying a professional image of company facilities, equipment, and personal appearance.iMaintain sales contracts and bookings.iDevelop account plans that include strategy and tactics for achieving desired customer results.iResponsible for learning new product specifications and applicationsiHelp Location monitor projected sales in order to monitor inventory needs.iMonitor monthly sales and expense reports as well as manage sales in order to achieve target margins and product mix.iWork with direct supervisor to establish a budget with particular emphasis on sales volumes & direct selling expenses.iOffer timely feedback to Pro Cooperative on execution of plans, needs, opportunities, value, and obstacles discovered during the selling process.iEstablish cohesive working relations with other Pro Cooperative employees, its patrons and vendors to establish a positive work environment.iComplete training and attend meetings/workshops/seminars/continuing education appropriate to the position, as assigned and approved by direct supervisor.iInform direct supervisor of all relevant departmental issues in a timely manner.iPerform all other duties as assigned by direct supervisor.iAssist other locations as needed.iComply with Pro Cooperative policies, including Pro Cooperativeis safety policies