Iowa Employer Area Program Coordinator in OTTUMWA, Iowa

Responsible for all aspects of running assigned nutrition centers and cooking kitchen(s):Completes recommendations for hire, status change, and termination of all staff under their supervision, and submits all supporting documentation.Monitors kitchen and other staff labor hours, offering input to improve efficiency. Prepares in-services and training and holds meetings for supervised staff. Accurately completes and timely submits all paperwork. May be required to attend meetings of local entities within their scheduled work day and work areas representing Milestones as an ex-officio member. May present and provide approved nutrition program and transportation reports. Ensures that policies and procedures for program income are followed within each assigned nutrition center and is deposited daily.Supervises food purchasing, preparation and serving practices within designated centers to assure that food budgets are followed. Responsible for seeing that inventory is counted and documented. Observes food preparation for quality, quantity, recipe and menu compliance and portion control. Ensures food safety and sanitation standards are practiced. Effectively recruits, trains, and manages volunteers in performance of their designated tasks. Coordinates home delivery route scheduling for efficiency, if applicable. Arranges for timely home visits to assess eligibility and determine ongoing services.