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Smithfield Foods Forklift Operator in ORANGE CITY, Iowa

less thandiv>less thandiv>less thandiv>less thandiv>less thandiv>Forklift Operatorless than/div>less than/div>less thandiv>less thandiv>less thanbr>less thanbr>IDless thanbr>less thanspan>2020-14648less than/span>less thanbr>less thanbr>less thanspan >Job Locationsless than/span>less thanbr>less thanspan>US-IA-Orange Cityless than/span>less thanbr>less thanbr>Categoryless thanbr>less thanspan>Operationsless than/span>less thanbr>less thanbr>Typeless thanbr>less thanspan>Full-Timeless than/span>less thanbr>less thanbr>FLSA Statusless thanbr>less thanspan>Hourlyless than/span>less thanbr>less thanbr>Shiftless thanbr>less thanspan>1st and 2nd Shiftless than/span>less than/div>less than/div>less than/div>less than/div>Your Opportunityless thandiv>less thandiv>less thandiv>less thanp>less thanspan>This position is responsible for the safe and efficient set up, inspection and operation of equipment/machinery utilized in the processing of pet food / treats products. Additionally, responsible for following standard operating procedures, including but not limited to, completing production related paperwork and meeting product specifications. less than/span>less than/p>less than/div>less than/div>less than/div>Core Responsibilitiesless thandiv>less thandiv>less thandiv>less thanul>less thanli>less thanspan>Must have a minimum of 6 months forklift experience.less than/span>less than/li>less thanli>less thanspan>Warehouse experience preferred.less than/span>less than/li>less thanli>less thanspan>Continuous standing in one location for extended periods (up to 2-3 hours before break). Many jobs have fixed workstation locations and are conveyor line paced.less than/span>less than/li>less thanli>less thanspan>Walking long distances sometimes on wet, uneven and slippery surfaces.less than/span>less than/li>less thanli>less thanspan>Climbing or moving on ladders, steps, stairwells, walkways, and platforms.less than/span>less than/li>less thanli>less thanspan>Carrying, lifting, lowering, pushing and pulling of heavy and or awkward objects or loads. less thanem>Lifting and lowering of objects up to 60 lbs.less than/em> Pushing or pulling of heavy roller carts, bins, or transport containers.less than/span>less than/li>less thanli>less thanspan>Working inless thanem> cold environment 20-45 deg F, hot environment exceeding 100 deg Fless than/em> and frequent contact with animal fats.less than/span>less than/li>less thanli>less thanspan>Wearing, using and maintaining personal protective equipment. Using, cleaning, maintaining, and safe handling of sharp cutting tools.less than/span>less than/li>less thanli>less thanspan>Frequent less thanem>static and /or awkward work posturesless than/em> with neck and spine flexion while grasping, pinching, pulling, lifting, extending, flexing the hands and arms to perform tasks. A variety of arm and hand movements are required in applying force, movement and repetition.less than/span>less than/li>less thanli>less thanspan>Using and maintaining a variety of knives, hand tools, powered tools and equipment, electrical devices, controls, and motorized vehicles.less than/span>less than/li>less thanli>less thanspan>Being able to understand and follow oral and written instruction from supervisors and designated staff.less than/span>less than/li>less thanli>less thanspan>Additional essential functions may be applicable to specific jobs.less than/span>less than/li>less than/ul>less than/div>less than/div>less than/div>Qualificationsless thandiv>less thandiv>less thandiv>less thanul>less thanli>less thanspan>Must be able to comprehend and pass the PIT training, must also understand safe driving techniques.less than/span>less than/li>less thanli>less thanspan>less thanspan>less thanspan>less thanspan>Must be able to properly complete paperwork for production and pre-op check lists. less than/span>less than/span>less than/span>less than/span>less than/li>less thanli>less thanspan>Ability to understand and follow both written