Z'Mariks Noodle CafiCookThe Cooks primary responsibility is to maintain our high food quality, follow food safety guidelines and uphold detailed cleanliness of the kitchen. Cooks will report to the G.M., Asst G.M. and Shift Managers.Roles & Responsibilities:Includes but not limited to the following:1.Food PreparationConsistency in food prep across entire staff is paramount.2.Food QualityExecute and maintain our high standard in food quality. 3.The LineEach cook will learn how to noodle, how to garnish, and how to cook. These stations must be performed correctly and with a sense of urgency to uphold Z'Mariks speed of service.4.CleanlinessThe cooks are responsible for maintaining a high level of cleanliness throughout the kitchen. 5.Communication and AwarenessAll cooks at Z'Mariks need to work well with others, as communication on the line is critical to success. A high level of forward-thinking is important in a cook to help anticipate running out of product during rushes and being able to multitask.Food safety in the kitchen is a must with our cooks.