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Job Information

Indian Hills Community College Career Planner and Business Liaison, WIOA in Marshalltown, Iowa

Job Summary:

Primary Service provider for WIOA in the IowaWORKS-Marshalltown One-Stop delivery system. Responsibilities include outreach, enrollment, and employability of Adults, Dislocated Workers, and Youth from 14-21 years of age. This will include providing the following services: Basic Career Services, Individualized Career Services, Follow-up Services, and Business Services. This position requires the ability to develop employer involvement in the services of the center and will involve some travel.

Minimum Job Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in related field and two (2) years applicable experience OR Master’s Degree in related field and no prior experience.

  • Applicable experience might include:

1.Provision of participant services in public employment/training program

2.Administration of public employment/training programs

3.Professional youth activities

4.Case Management

5.Planning and evaluation for public sector programs

6.Personnel or training responsibilities for private industry

7.Planning and organizational development in private industry

8.Labor market analysis for private or public sector employers

  • Must relate well with people.

  • Must have the ability to develop private sector employer involvement.

  • Must be able to develop good working rapport with employers in Region 15 and maintain good public

relations within the area.

  • Demonstrated proficiency in Microsoft Office and database applications.

  • Must have excellent verbal and written communication skills.

Work Performed:

Adult, Dislocated Worker, and Youth Program Case Management

  • Provide the following Basic Career Services

  • Determinations of whether the individual is eligible to receive assistance from the adult, dislocated worker, or youth programs;

  • Outreach, intake (including identification through the state’s Worker Profiling and Reemployment Services system of unemployment insurance (UI) claimants likely to exhaust benefits), and orientation to information and other services available through the one-stop delivery system;

  • Initial assessment of skill levels including literacy, numeracy, and English language proficiency, as well as aptitudes, abilities (including skills gaps), and supportive service needs;

  • Labor exchange services, including— Job search and placement assistance, and, when needed by an individual, career counseling, including—

1.Provision of information on in-demand industry sectors and occupations (as defined in sec. 3(23) of WIOA); and,

2.Provision of information on nontraditional employment (as defined in sec. 3(37) of WIOA);

  • Provision of referrals to and coordination of activities with other programs and services, including those within the one-stop delivery system and, when appropriate, other workforce development programs;

  • Provision of workforce and labor market employment statistics information, including the provision of accurate information relating to local, regional, and national labor market areas, including—Job vacancy listings in labor market areas; Information on job skills necessary to obtain the vacant jobs listed; and Information relating to local occupations in demand and the earnings, skill requirements, and opportunities for advancement for those jobs;

  • Provision of performance information and program cost information on eligible providers of training services by program and type of providers;

  • Provision of information about how the local area is performing on local performance accountability measures, as well as any additional performance information relating to the area’s one-stop delivery system;

  • Provision of information relating to the availability of supportive services or assistance, and appropriate referrals to those services and assistance, including: child care; child support; medical or child health assistance available through the State’s Medicaid program and Children’s Health Insurance Program; benefits under the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP); assistance through the earned income tax credit; housing counseling and assistance services sponsored through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) ; and assistance under a State program for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), and other supportive services and transportation provided through that program;

  • Assistance in establishing eligibility for programs of financial aid assistance for training and education programs not provided under WIOA; and

  • Provision of information and assistance regarding filing claims under UI programs, including meaningful assistance to individuals seeking assistance in filing a claim—

1.Meaningful assistance means providing assistance:

a.On-site using staff who are properly trained in UI claims, filing, and/or the acceptance of information necessary to file a claim , or By phone or via other technology, as long as the assistance is provided by trained and available staff and within areasonable time.

  • Provide these services also on the Exploratory Floor during scheduled shift(s).

Provide the following Individualized Career Services

  • Comprehensive and specialized assessments of the skill levels and service needs of adults and dislocated workers, which may include—

1.Diagnostic testing and use of other assessment tools; and

2.In-depth interviewing and evaluation to identify employment barriers and appropriate employment goals;

  • Development of an individual employment plan, to identify the employment goals, appropriate achievement objectives, and appropriate combination of services for the participant to achieve his or her employment goals, including the list of, and information about, eligible training providers;

  • Group and/or individual counseling and mentoring;

  • Short-term pre-vocational services, including development of learning skills, communication skills, interviewing skills, punctuality, personal maintenance skills, and professional conduct to prepare individuals for unsubsidized employment or training, in some instances pre-apprenticeship programs may be considered as short-term prevocational services;

  • Internships and work experiences that are linked to careers;

  • Workforce preparation activities that help an individual acquire a combination of basic academic skills, critical thinking skills, digital literacy skills, and self-management skills, including competencies in utilizing resources, using information, working with others, understanding systems, and obtaining skills necessary for successful transition into and completion of postsecondary education, or training, or employment;

  • Financial literacy services;

  • Out-of-area job search assistance; and

  • English language acquisition and integrated education and training programs.

  • Provide opportunities for Work Based Learning that lead to careers.

  • Provide the 14 Required Youth Services.

  • Conduct Integrated Resource Team meetings with participants and partners when meeting with dual-enrolled clients to coordinate services.

Follow-up Services

  • Follow-up services must be provided as appropriate for participants who are placed in unsubsidized employment, for up to 12 months after the first day of employment. Counseling about the work place is an appropriate type of follow-up service.

Business Services

  • Initial public or private employer contact to secure a work site to provide training in the planned occupation

  • Conduct Rapid Response or Worker Informational Meetings for Businesses closing/conducting layoffs or businesses where we have received a WARN Notice.

  • Layoff Aversion Activities to include:

1.Ongoing engagement, partnership, and relationship-building activities with businesses in the community, in order to create an environment for successful layoff aversion efforts and to enable the provision of assistance to dislocated workers in obtaining reemployment as soon as possible;

2.Providing assistance to employers in managing reductions in force, which may include early identification of firms at risk of layoffs, assessment of the needs of and options for at-risk firms, and the delivery of services to address these needs;

3.Funding feasibility studies to determine if a company’s operations may be sustained through a buyout or other means to avoid or minimize layoffs; Developing and managing incumbent worker training programs or other worker up skilling approaches;

4.Connecting companies to state Short-Time Compensation or other programs designed to prevent layoffs or to quickly reemploy dislocated workers, business loan programs for employee skill upgrading; and other Federal, state and local resources as necessary to address other business needs;

5.Establishing linkages with economic development activities at the Federal, state and local levels, including Federal Department of Commerce programs and available state and local business retention and expansion activities;

6.Partnering or contracting with business-focused organizations to assess risks to companies, propose strategies to address those risks, implement services, and measure impacts of services delivered;

7.Conducting analyses of the suppliers of an affected company to assess their risks and vulnerabilities from a potential closing or shift in production of their major customer;

8.Engaging in proactive measures to identify opportunities for potential economic transition and training needs in growing industry sectors or expanding businesses; and

  • Recruit Businesses for One-Stop Center events such as Job Fairs, Hiring Sessions, Mixers, etc.

Trade Adjustment Assistance Co-Enrollment

  • Co-enroll TAA eligible participants in WIOA.

  • Assist TAA eligible participants in completing documentation for TAA Assistance.

  • Complete amendments and reviews required of the TAA Program.

  • Coordinate assistance provided so that duplication of services does not occur.

Career Planner

  • Responsible for planning, coordinating and administering a career services program applicable to student career planning, job search and employment activities.

  • Develops, implements and monitors programs to assist students in the job search process.

  • Conducts individual career counseling and individual assistance in resume preparation, occupational research, interviewing techniques, job search strategies, and other career related matters.

  • Conducts career planning counseling in various settings such as individual, group, telephone, and/or online.

  • Ability to establish and maintain positive working relationships with individuals, both internally and externally, to achieve the goals of the organization.

  • Meets with representatives from the local business community to develop employment opportunities activities and events.

  • Utilizes computer software related to career services.

  • Develops and implements special career-related programs and events such as job fairs, career week events, seminars, workshops, and/or other campus initiatives.

  • Conducts various types of workshops regarding job search and career planning; prepares career related information for distribution to students.

  • Recommends new programs and assists in promoting individual career assessment activities.

  • Excellent oral and written communication skills to interact with persons from diverse backgrounds.

  • The ability to provide quality customer service.

  • Utilizes Future Ready Iowa.

Data Management System and File Maintenance Requirements

  • Budgeting service costs reflected by the plan.

  • Exits individuals in a timely manner.

  • Documents in case notes all phone calls, documentation, services, and meetings for clients and businesses.

  • Ensures receipt of all eligibility documentation.

  • Documents all barriers in the system.

  • Thoroughly documents Objective Basic Assessment and Guidance and Counseling services.

  • Documents Basic Career Services on the IEP and in Sticky Notes.

  • Documents all changes to funding.

  • Communicates with client at a minimum every 30 days and documents in case notes.

Monitoring Requirements

  • Monitoring of the work site and participant on a scheduled basis (and as additionally required) to ensure conditions of the contract are being met and participant is progressing as planned.

  • Conduct an annual review of all client files.

Juvenile Justice Re-entry Taskforce/Partnership

  • Coordinate with the Taskforce Point of Contact to determine if additional services are needed or to meet with potential enrollments.

  • If the youth chooses, designated career planner participates in Youth Transition Development (YTDM) or Family Team Decision Making Meetings (FTDM) as a pro-active reentry approach and to ensure successful connections are made to IowaWORKS.

  • Provide One-Stop Orientation and WIOA Services Orientation

  • Other duties as may be assigned.

Responsible To:

Operations Manager, Indian Hills Community College, IowaWORKS

Position Level:

Professional – Exempt – Special Funding, at will employment on a letter of employment

Employment Length:

Four term, Full time, Benefits


8 hrs/day, Monday through Friday (235 days per year)

Salary Range:

$44,603.00 - 50,863.00