Iowa Employer Tree Farm Worker in HUMBIRD, Wisconsin

Tree Farm Laborer (Job Number 002263546) Work Site: Jackson County The employer will provide free transportation to eligible workers from the housing domicile in Humbird to the worksite and return.All tools, supplies, and equipment will be provided at no charge to the worker to perform job duties. Pay: $13.06 Per Hour . Duration/Hours Per Week: Full-Time, 40 Hours Per Week MinimumThis is a full-time temporary job from 4/29/18 to 12/31/18. Shift/Work Days: First Monday-FridayNumber of Openings: 8 Experience / Qualifications: 2 months experience Must be able to lift up to 100 lbs. Repetitive movements, extensive pushing, pulling, walking and frequent stooping. All workers hired under this order will be required to provide documentation attesting to U.S. citizenship or legal status to work in the U.S. Duties and Responsibilities of the Job: Workers will plant, cultivate, and harvest farm grown Christmas Trees. Plant, fertilize, and herbicide new seedlings. Dig, cut, and harvest trees weighing up to 100 lbs. Workers will use skid loader and trucks to dig and haul trees. Haul and lift trees manually, prune and shear trees and remove brush, weeds, and other growth from planting are using hand tools. Harvesting activities include; pre-harvest preparation, harvest, and post-harvest work; shear and prune trees to improve shape and modify height and width to make trees marketable. Use shearing blades and/or pruning clippers as directed by supervisor using extreme care not damage trees. Workers will select trees under the direction of supervisor, will cut, drag, and haul trees to staging and loading area. May use a chainsaw or ax to cut trees. May load trees onto mechanical bailer and lift and load trees onto trucks and trailers. Must use care in transporting and handing trees so as to not damage tree or tree limbs. Workers with truck and tractor experience will likely operate skid loaders to dig and transport trees. Those with a valid driver's license may drive trucks as necessary for transport of trees.Employer will provide housing and utilities at no cost to workers who are unable to reasonably return to their place of residence on the same day.Employer will provide cooking and kitchen facilities to those workers who are entitled to live in the employer's housing so that worker may prepare their own meals. Employer provided housing included kitchen facilities so workers can prepare their own meals. Worker will be responsible for purchasing their own groceries. Once a week the employer will provide free transportation to assure that workers have access to the closest grocery store. The employer will reimburse the worker for transportation costs and subsistence to the employer's work site when the worker completes 50% of the work period. Workers who voluntarily quit or are terminated for cause prior to completing 50% of the contract period will be required to reimburse the employer for the full amounts of transportation and subsistence which ere not advanced and/or reimbursed to the worker. The amount of reimbursement will be the worker's actual cost, but no more than the most economical and reasonable similar common carrier transportation and subsistence (travel reimbursement subsistence will be the minimum amount of $12.07 per 24-hour period of travel and the maximum amount of $51.00 per day, with receipts) from the place of employment to the place of recruitment, except when the worker will not be returning to the place of recruitment due to subsequent employment with another employer who agrees to pay such costs. In which case the employer will only pay for the transportation and subsistence to the next job. The employer guarantees to offer employment of a minimum of 3/4 of the workdays of the total specified period during which the work contract and all the extensions thereof are in effect, beginning with the first day the worker arrives at the place of employment and ending on the expiration date specified in the