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Job Information

Drake-Williams Steel Painter in Council Bluffs, Iowa

Primary Purpose of this Position:

Paint parts for structural fabrication, Service Center, and misc. steel assemblies per cutting lists, shop drawings, and DWS quality requirements.

Essential Job Functions:

  • Identify steel shapes, sizes, and mill tolerances.

  • Paint material as trained and instructed.

  • Paint beams, tubes, angle, channel, bar grating, pipe, plate, or rounds according to the shop drawings, AISC code requirements for structural steel, and machine capabilities.

  • Make adjustments to machine to ensure accurate mill thickness as shown on the shop drawings.

  • Identify shop drawing errors and discrepancies before or during early stages of paint.

  • Operate forklifts, jib cranes, overhead cranes, conveyors, and transfers in order to move materials.

  • Any other duties assigned by management.

  • Attend all meetings as required by management.

  • Consistently and reliably works scheduled hours at assigned locations.


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Ability to read, write, and perform higher arithmetic computations involving addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of whole numbers, decimals and fractions.

  • Ability to understand and carry out semi-complicated verbal and written instructions.

  • Ability to effectively communicate with co-workers, supervisors and managers.

  • Ability to work under periodic supervision focused on the progress of work and setting priorities for job completion.

  • Skill in using auto measurer, tape measure, or 1” rule.

  • Ability to pass a Drake-Williams Steel administered test that covers shop drawing interpretation, fractional number calculations, basic geometry, etc.

  • Ability to interpret, understand and utilize cutting lists, shop orders, and shop drawings.

  • Ability to use a computer for cut-lists and inventory purposes.

  • Ability to possess pride in own workmanship; demonstrate attention to detail, and work safely.

  • Ability to operate forklifts and overhead cranes in a safe and proper manner. Use and understand industry and Drake-Williams Steel adopted hand signals used for crane operations.

  • Perform minor mechanical tasks on machine (knuckles, tip changes, cleaning, etc.)

  • Ability to follow inventory procedures.

  • Ability to multi-task.

    Physical Demands:

  • Stand OCCASIONALLY over the course of the 8 to 12 hour work shift.

  • Walk FREQUENTLY over the course of the 8 to 12 hour work shift. The distances walked will range from a distance of a few feet to a couple of hundred feet.

  • Sit only during the break and lunch periods. OCCASIONALLY one will be able to sit while processing paperwork.

  • Lift weights up to 35 pounds from floor to chest OCCASIONALLY to FREQUENTLY, which includes the various tools, blocks, and angles utilized in the process of performing the usual work duties during the 8 to 12 work shift.

  • Lift weights up to 70 pounds from knee to chest OCCASIONALLY during the 8 to 12 hour work shift.

  • Lift weights up to 100 pounds from knee to waist OCCASIONALLY during the work shift.

  • Carry weights noted above distances ranging from a few feet to a couple hundred feet. 100-pound lift distance will range up to 20 feet.

  • Climb OCCASIONALLY onto the conveyor, trailer, or ladders/scaffolding.

  • Climb or step FREQUENTLY over horses. Height is up to 20”.

  • Stoop or crouch OCCASIONALLY while performing the regular job duties. The position will be held continuously for a few seconds to 15 minutes, depending upon the job.

  • Kneel in the commission of job duties OCCASIONALLY, depending upon the job.

  • Crawl OCCASIONALLY up to 10 feet to access tools, materials, etc.

  • Reach forward FREQUENTLY to perform job duties or to retrieve tools. The employee will OCCASIONALLY be required to reach to full forward extension.

  • Reach overhead OCCASIONALLY to guide material attached to the cranes and to attach the chains from the crane to the material.

  • Push and pull OCCASIONALLY to FREQUENTLY to retrieve tools, airlines, and paint lines. Employee will OCCASIONALLY push material with a beam bar. Force varies up to 50 pounds.

  • Push and pull material OCCASIONALLY on horses. Force varies up to 50 pounds.

  • Gross finger dexterity skills required to operate the various tools and equipment utilized in the course of standard job duties. Fine finger dexterity is not required.


    Non-Material Handling Demands

  • Employee is expected to work 40 hours a week. However, hours including overtime and weekends may be required based on Drake-Williams Steel’s needs.

  • Hear sufficiently to be aware of safety issues

  • Visual ability to read and interpret shop drawings. Safety glasses are required in the shop area.

  • Exposure to heat, cold, wet and humid conditions in the shop area OCCASIONALLY.

  • Exposure to fumes, odors and dusts in the shop area OCCASIONALLY to FREQUENTLY.

  • Exposure to solvents, greases, oils, and coolants OCCASIONALLY to FREQUENTLY.

  • Wear all required Personal Protective Equipment. PPE includes steel-toe safety shoes, hearing protection, safety glasses, gloves, and hard hats.


    Tools Required :

    Pencil, Tape Measure, Markers, Wire Brushes, Pipe Wrench, Scrapers, Grab Hooks, 4” grinder, Ball-Peen Hammer, Pry-Bar, Beam Bar, Band Cutters, Chains, Airlines, Chainsaw, and Paint Lines.


    Machines Utilized:

    Overhead Crane, Jib Crane, Paint Guns, Paint Pumps, and Forklifts.


    Experience and Education Required:

  • High School degree or equivalent.

  • Minimum of six months of experience in a manufacturing environment.


All production positions have a starting range of $17-$23/hr.


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