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Job Information

Karl Chevrolet Car Wash Attendant in Ankeny, Iowa

Job Description

Job Title: Car Wash Attendant

Department: Service

Reports to: Express Center Manager

Prepared by: JTL

Prepared date: 02/01/2020


The car wash attendant responsibilities include but are not limited to: greeting customers, assisting them into the car wash, and making sure they exit the wash safely. Cleaning bugs off windshields, mirrors, and bumpers. Clear the walk ways in front of the quick wash, quicklube, hertz, and the vacuum island.

Essential duties and responsibilities include the following:

Job Duties 25%: As a car wash attendant you have various job duties that change by the season. In the summer it is important you clean the bugs off the customer's windshield, mirrors, and bumpers. You also need to spray customers wheels out that may have mud in them. During the winter months you may be asked to clear the walk ways in front of the car wash, quicklube, and hertz. It is important we keep these walk ways clear so we do not have people slipping and falling. Make sure the trash is taken out daily; this includes the bathroom trash, the trash in front of the quicklube, and the trash at Vacuum Island.

Professionalism 25%: As a car wash attendant you may have extended periods of down time; especially during the winter months. While you have downtime it is important that you are staying productive. Some of these downtime job tasks are the following: clean the breakroom bathroom, clean the inside of the bay windows, and clean the walls. You may also help the tire bay technicians take tires out back. You need to clock out for lunch but not for breaks. If you are the closing car wash attendant it is your responsibility to make sure the doors are locked when the department closes.

Customer Service 25%: Great customer service is what sets us apart from the rest. Always try to go the extra mile to make the customer happy. Be aware of your environment and watch closely for customers. It is extremely important that customer is greeted in a timely manner. Sitting inside by the door talking does not constitute being aware or paying attention. You need to meet the customer ASAP and answer any questions the customer may have. Develop strong working relationships. Dress in work uniform or attire deemed appropriate by the manager. Treat all customers with respect and appreciation. This includes external and internal(employees) customers. You cannot give excellent customer service if you are not here to do the job. More than five(5) unscheduled absences in a 90 day period will result in an automatic 1 point deduction from the customer service category during review. A doctor's note to accompany an illness will count as ½ day instead of a full day. Each five(5) days late will count as one(1) day absent.

Safety 25%: During low light or poor visibility conditions it is required for you to wear a reflective shoulder belt or vest in the event you are outside. You should wear appropriate eye, ear or skin safety protection when necessary. This job involves exposure to the elements outside. During the winter, take care to dress appropriately to stay warm. If in question if an article of clothing is acceptable, ask your manger. Do not gather in one location to talk for extended periods. It also is unprofessional to engage in non-work related conversations during work hours on the clock. Save this for break time. Maintain a clean and orderly work station. Clean up messes immediately. Participate in group cleaning or reorganization tasks. Handle all toxic and hazardous materials according to appropriate policies and procedures. Attend all mandatory employee meetings.

Qualifications: A valid Iowa driver's license is required and non-high risk insurance. If you lose your license or become un-insurable by our insurance or policies you may be terminated at the managers' discretion. Must have the ability to learn quickly and adapt to new processes and technology. Problem solving skills are a must for this position.

Education: A high school diploma/GED is required. Safety training provided by the dealership may be required for this position.

Physical Demands: Car wash attendants are exposed to heat, cold and exhaust fumes. They may come in contact with solvents and cleaners that may cause skin irritation. The proper safety equipment should be used at all times. Must be able to stand and walk on concrete and uneven or slick surfaces for extended periods of time.

Job Performance Evaluations: Evaluations are based off of the performance of your job description. This includes. This is based off of a scale of 1-5 with one(1) being unsatisfactory and five(5) being exceptional. You must achieve a minimum of three(3) on your evaluation to have any potential for a monetary compensation increase. Any score below three(3) will require coaching from the manager, assistant manager or shop foreman to promote improvement. A second evaluation will be performed at 60 days from the last score below three(3). If a second below three(3) score is achieved the manager and employee will discuss future employment with termination possible at the managers discretion.