CF Industries is a global leader in transforming natural gas into nitrogen. The chemical processes we use ensure we have the nitrogen we need to support life on earth - from fertilizer that feeds the crops that feed the world to products that remove harmful emissions from industrial activities. Through our nine world-class manufacturing complexes and best-in-class distribution system, we serve agricultural and industrial customers. We invite you to be a part of our nearly 3,000 employees making a difference every day.Department:AH21B Maintenance& EngineeringFunction:Engineering and Engineering ServicesJob Summary:The Maintenance Engineer provides engineering/technical expertise to the maintenance department and other plant departments as needed to maintain continuous plant operations and high efficiency. This position provides mechanical expertise to the maintenance department in solving problems relating to mechanical equipment, instrumentation, and the preventive maintenance program for routine, shutdown, and project activities. The Maintenance Engineer also serves as technical specialist concerning major rotating equipment and participates in planning to achieve group objectives.Job Description:1. Assists with the PSM Mechanical Integrity program for the Port Neal Nitrogen Complex while maintaining the existing maintenance procedures and training that utilizes these procedures. Assists in monitoring the Mechanical Integrity documentation required to maintain the plant computerized maintenance management system.2. Performs technical investigations/audits or independent research in equipment and material failures, documenting the results and making recommendations to resolve issues. Monitors the condition of critical equipment in the plant through the use of continious (Bently Nevada) and offline vibration monitoring equipment, oil analysis results, process data, temperatures, and ultrasonic surveys. Conducts further aduits and information gathering as required.3. Provides the technical expertise necessary to solve specific maintenance problems and to assist other departments requiring engineering knowledge.4. Assists in the review of all new rotating and reciprocating equipment prior to purchase and recommends proper selections including spare parts lists. Makes routine vibration analyses of all large rotating machines, keeps up-to-date records of vibration base line data, vibration trends and alignment data and recommends corrective action as required to maintain equipment integrity.5. Serves as the mechanical acceptance specialist on newly installed plant equipment to assure proper installation and that the equipment will be mechanically reliable when accepted.6. Designs Preventive Maintenance Programs for all critical items of machinery and equipment and lubrication programs for all plant machinery. Responsible for the implementation of these programs, monitoring the effectiveness of the program, and making modifications as necessary.7. Updates and maintains a Lubrication Manual containing lubricant specifications and lubricating instructions for all plant machinery.8. Prepares and delivers to the Planner work orders relating to approved preventive maintenance programs, together with the related checklists, instruction sheets, and other material defining the work to be done, the frequency of execution and, where pertinent, the sequence of steps to be followed.9. Performs analyses of pertinent management information reports and equipment histories for the purpose of identifying items of machinery and equipment with high maintenance costs or with lubrication problems and makes recommendations for corrective action. Follows up to see that action is taken.10. Assists the Maintenance Manager and Planner with pre-planning of all planned turnarounds, shutdowns, and special projects including timing, accumulation of job lists, ordering of parts and materials, sequencing of jobs around a critical path, sizing of work crews