Iowa Department of Administrative Services Restorative Justice and Cultural Equity Coordinator in Des Moines, Iowa

Restorative Justice and Cultural Equity Coordinator


Restorative Justice and Cultural Equity Coordinator


$45,000.00 Annually


Des Moines - 50319 - Polk County, IA

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Polk County

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10/31/2017 11:59 PM Central

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Email resume, cover letter and references to: Toni DeAngelis, Juvenile Court Services Administrative Assistant 1; Email:; Phone: (515) 286-2046; Resumes that do not include a cover letter and references will not be considered!

Job Description

This is a courtesy posting for a non-merit position. Applicants should follow instructions in "To Apply".


"Decategorization" is an initiative established pursuant to Iowa Code Section 232.188 designed to redirect child welfare and juvenile justice funding to services that are more preventive, family-centered, and community-based in order to reduce use of more restrictive approaches.

POSITION DESCRIPTION: Restorative Justice and Cultural Equity Coordinator


Working in the community and offices of Polk County Juvenile Court Services (JCS) and the Iowa Department of Human Services (DHS) Child Welfare in Polk County, coordinate activities related to two initiatives: (1) JCS Restorative Justice services that mitigate youth court involvement through mediation, connection to community resources and victim impact learning, and (2) activities related to the cross-system initiatives that reduce the disproportionate contact of people of color in DHS, JCS, School suspensions, Court and other systems, including community outreach/collaboration, training development and implementation. Hours of work will generally by regular business hours but might include occasional nights and weekends.


Under the supervision of the Polk County Decategorization Coordinator and the guidance of the Community Equity Efforts (CEE) team, the Restorative Justice and Cultural Equity Coordinator will perform the following types of activities in accordance with the Code of Iowa and federal oversight:

A. Restorative Justice Services


  1. Document restitution requests from victims including collection of required supporting evidence and identifying restitution obligations by youth

  2. Develop or identify a resource guide available to JCS staff and the public

  3. Prepare quarterly reports providing documentation of the clients referred to the Restorative Justice Specialist, and activities of those clients.


  1. Serve as resource and referral for persons not involved with Juvenile Court Services, including persons seeking information and assistance related to mental health, substance abuse, waiver services, etc.

  2. Identify community members and activities that could have a meaningful and safe role in helping youth understand the impact of crime, teaching and modeling pro-social skills and attitudes, building protective factors and assisting them in establishing a place of respect in the community.

Direct Child and Collateral Contacts:

  1. Work with youth to identify their own personal resources and supports, including writing genograms that include biological and fictive family.

  2. Communicate with parents and/or guardians to coordinate interventions

  3. Participate in Crossover or Dual Status Initiative, addressing dual status youth involved with both Juvenile Court Services and Department of Human Services.

B. Cultural Equity Coordination Services


  1. Provides assistance with planning, coordination, staff logistics and administrative support of Community Equity Efforts (CEE) Team meetings and related meetings.

  2. Gathers, coordinates and communicates relevant data and research information, both national and local, on disproportionality demographics, trends, barriers and services gaps across disciplines.

Cultural Equity Compliance and Implementation

  1. Guides the development of the vision, mission and short and long term goals of the Community Equity Efforts team.

  2. Keeps abreast of the latest data and trends to guide the CEE Team efforts toward addressing the most disproportionate segments of the Juvenile Justice and Child Welfare systems in Polk County.

  3. Oversees, coordinates and monitors, in conjunction with the CEE Team, the implementation of action steps in the Team Plan.

  4. Work with JCS and DHS in Polk County to incorporate Equity activities and goals as integral to local Juvenile Justice and Child Welfare planning and practices to ensure that equity is addressed.

  5. Advises on improving access to prevention, intervention, treatment, and aftercare services for youth and families of color.

  6. Prepares annual and/or periodic reports and articles on the implementation of equity initiatives and activities.

Grant Research and Application Writing and Monitoring

  1. In conjunction with Polk Decat Staff, research, write and submit for available funding that supports efforts and activities that address disproportionality within Juvenile Justice and Child Welfare agencies and organizations.

  2. Coordinate data collection for grant funding and submit required programmatic reports to funding entities as specified.

  3. In conjunction with Polk Decat staff, coordinate and participate in programmatic grant review processes

  4. In conjunction with Polk Decat staff, monitor grant activities to ensure funds are being used appropriately and that grant deliverables are on target

  5. Ensure that grant funds are expended within the award period and in accordance with grant requirements

  6. Assist in facilitating grant funder site visits

Training and Technical Assistance

  1. Identifies common related Cultural Competency and Implicit Bias training needs of the Juvenile Justice, Child Welfare Judicial, Law Enforcement and Education systems in Polk County, and the community at large.

  2. Researches and provides technical advice on Cultural Competency and Implicit Bias training development and implementation, including coordinating with other experts in the field.

  3. Synchronize training plan with the CEE Team and delivery of trainings cross system and to the community at large.

  4. Conducts and organizes conferences, meetings, training workshops and seminars with Juvenile Justice, Child Welfare, Judicial, Education, Law Enforcement, Human Services and other selected involved professionals.

  5. Collaborates with contracted Technical Advisors to provide assistance that encourages development, administration and effective on-going Cultural Competency programming.

Community Education, Coordination and Outreach

  1. Works with CEE Team to develop a communication plan.

  2. Disseminates information on Cultural Equity-related issues, annual and/or periodic reports and articles on implementation of the developed trainings and programs.

  3. Invites public and private agencies responsible for services to youth and families in the Juvenile Justice and Child Welfare systems in the planning and designing of the Cultural Competency and Implicit Bias trainings and programs.

  4. Leads and convenes community groups, interested community members, Juvenile Justice,

Child Welfare, Judicial, Education, Law Enforcement agencies, funding entities, researchers, evaluators and technical advisors to encourage cooperative strategies that address disproportionality.

  1. Foster collaborations and activities in the community, inviting the participation of minority local officials, community leaders and other interested individuals in the training and program development process.

  2. Coordinates, in conjunction with the CEE Team, the ongoing review and assessment of existing Juvenile Justice, Child Welfare, Judicial, Education and Law Enforcement programs, policies, statutes and funding mechanisms to ensure their activities are not detrimental to youth and families who encounter their systems.

  3. Participate in activities aimed at supporting students who are interested in Social Work careers.


• Displays high standards of ethical conduct.

• Experience with community organization, collaborations and connections as well as leading groups and initiatives, preferably in Des Moines but can be in another large community

• Understanding of and ability to find out about local resources for families and youth

• Ability to take direction from multiple persons and roles

• Ability to interpret and follow oral and written instructions.

• Display a high level of initiative, organization and follow-through

• Strong interpersonal skills

• Knowledge of effective English usage as relates to spelling, punctuation, grammar and sentence structure.

• Understanding of requirements for professional, confidential treatment of information.

• Ability to communicate with persons of various backgrounds, emotional states and levels of engagement

• Grant writing and monitoring experience, including budget tracking and data gathering/analysis

• Functional understanding of the judicial, child welfare, education, criminal and juvenile justice system, victim issues, child development, delinquency, community resources and restorative justice principles.

• Basic research knowledge and excellent writing skills

• Capable of efficiently working independently with overall guidance and direction from the CEE Team

• Understanding of the nature of Cultural Competency and Implicit Bias

• Proficient in Microsoft Office and similar applications.

• Knowledge of general office procedures and equipment

EDUCATION, EXPERIENCE, AND SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS (your resume must reflect the following in order to be considered)

  1. Minimum of Bachelor's Degree with 5 years of experience or, ideally, a Master's Degree with a minimum of 2 years of experience

  2. Experience with human service and criminal and juvenile justice systems, victim issues, child development, and restorative justice principles

  3. Community organization and leadership, knowledge of community resources

  4. Grant application and management experience


The position is a one-year contracted position, with the possibility of extensions if funding is available. It is full-time with a salary range between $45,000.00 and $55,000.00 annually, depending on education and experience, and will include benefits.

The opportunity to apply will be open through October 31, 2017 Applications received after this date will not be considered.

This position will report to the Polk County Decategorization Coordinator and the employer of record will be Polk County Health Services.


State of Iowa